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Control design, testing, system integration and improving quality processes

Controller development

and test consulting

Power electronics is becoming more and more regulated and complex: the emerging Smart Grid, distributed energy resources, new grid codes, new legislations, new communication standards, new applications, etc. At the same time, the competitive global market is demanding ever shorter development cycles and ever shorter time-to-market. Hardware in the loop is the key technology in meeting these new challenges. If you have not used HIL so far, if you are not sure how HIL could work for you or if you are using older HIL solutions that do not work with a timestep of 1µs, HIL consultancy is the best option to devise the right development strategy for your business.

Our HIL consultancy services are the fastest way for your businesses to climb the hardware-in-the-loop technology learning curve and integrate the HIL technology into your processes in order to optimize your time to market and the quality of your products.

Microgrid controller
testing and verification

Your microgrid comprises equipment from different vendors and now you want to ensure that it is going to work flawlessly under all operating conditions. There is only one way to find out if it is going to happen and that is by testing it. However, testing is time-consuming and expensive, not to mention that it can result in damaged equipment or even worse consequences. Fortunately, there is a solution: a pre-commissioning service that will be carried out in the safety and comfort of the office on the microgrid testbed by the skilled team of Typhoon HIL experts. Thanks to the scalable architecture of our testbed and a guaranteed time step of 1 µs, no microgrid is too big or too fast to be fully tested.

Custom modeling

Do you need a model of a power component that is not yet included in our library of components? Maybe you would like to see a feature that is not yet a part of the toolchain, or you need help to convert your offline model into a real-time model running with a one-microsecond time step. Either way, just give us a call and we will try and find the best solution for your particular need.

HIL Training

Do you want to provide continuous education for your engineering team? Want to make sure that the R&D people are using their HIL tools in the best possible way? Your team wants to evaluate the capability of Typhoon HIL equipment prior to deciding which HIL toll is the best fit for their needs. In all these cases HIL Training is the answer. We provide a range of tailor-made training webinars or hands-on workshops focused on the particular aspect of controller hardware in the loop (C-HIL) that is of interest to your business. From introductory to advanced levels, you can rely on HIL Training services to empower your team members with new ready-to-use skills to overcome their testing challenges.

Automate your control SW/FW tests

Regression testing is a type of software testing that verifies that software previously developed and tested still performs correctly after it was changed or interfaced with other software. Changes may include new features (requested by customers or certifying bodies), software enhancements, patches, configuration changes, etc.

In the field of power electronics and microgrids this type of testing is performed in the power laboratory and the instances of fully deployed, mature, fully automated HIL based regression testing procedures are rare.

Call us today, and let our test automation experts help you gain the decisive quality and time to market advantage through test automation.

Smart Inverter Pre-certification


Are you finding it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to meet various emerging requirements and grid codes across the globe? Is each new commissioning becoming longer and more stressful? Is your development team spending more time reading regulations, legislations, standards and FAQs from certifying bodies than doing the actual development work? Due to market volatility and uncertainty, you are reluctant to invest in an in-house pre-certification solution? Then pre-commissioning services from Typhoon-HIL are the best match for you. Whether it is the European BDEW standard for grid-connected inverters, the soon-to-be-introduced American UL 1741 SA standard, a very strict specification for a government project, or anything in between, you can use Typhoon HIL pre-commissioning service to get custom or standard-compliant reports on the performance of your control software. Then use the reports to optimize your control code, eliminate any guesswork and make sure that both certification and commissioning go exactly as planned.


How else can we help?


Through interactions with our customers, we got numerous confirmations of the age-old fact: the problem with one-size-fit-all solutions is that they do not. Therefore, we always strive to provide the best solution for every customer’s needs.

Please, let us know about your particular control testing issue(s) and our team of specialists is going to find an optimal solution for you.