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IEMDC 2017 is the conference’s Anniversary Edition, so you can expect better-than-ever insights into the latest advances in design, analysis, manufacturing and measurements for electrical machines and drives. That is why we have also prepared more hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) insights than usual. In addition to round-the-clock, hands-on demos of Typhoon HIL’s high-fidelity, real-time testbeds at our booth, you can also attend our tutorial on May 21st.The tutorial is carefully designed to be perfectly aligned with the conference scope and topics and will show you new ways to boost your efficiency in controller development and testing: “Advanced Variable Frequency Drive Controller Design, Testing, and UL1741 SA Pre-certification”. Moreover, the tutorial is based on the free Virtual HIL Device, so it will be completely hands-on. Of course, you are also cordially invited to …

In its 8th installment, PEDG, an IEEE event, is focused on power electronics for distributed systems, sustainable sources, and energy storage system. In short, whether you are dealing with wind and PV farms, microgrids, converters, battery storage or hybrid storage systems, charging systems, control systems for power quality… or virtually any other power electronics application, PEDG 2017 is more than worth attending. That is why we cordially invite you to visit our booth in PEDG 2017’s exhibition area. We have prepared a wide range of very informative and exciting hands-on demos which will show you how our high-fidelity real-time HIL testbeds help you do more in virtually any power electronics application. Whether you are working on a single converter or a complex microgrid, you will see that HIL testing is guaranteed to help you reach new levels of productivity. Moreover, if you are new to HIL testing, or you want to learn more about it, you can sign up for our free, hands-on training on April 17

APEC is the principal event in the world of applied power electronics. It brings together everyone: OEMs, suppliers, designers, compliance and application engineers, utility representatives, stakeholders, and researchers. That is why we have prepared a 360-degree, jam-packed program that is sure to have something for everybody’s interests. If you are new to hardware in the loop (HIL), or you are wondering how it can fit your application, visit us at Booth 630. We will set up a live demo for you and you will see how easy and quick it is to configure our high-fidelity real-time HIL testbeds for anything you may be working on – from a household inverter to a terrestrial microgrid or a shipboard power system. If, on the other hand, you want to boost your HIL skills, sign up for our free, hands-on training on March 26

ICIT is the flagship conference of IEEE. That is why we are delighted to be able to ask you to attend the ICIT 2017 plenary talk by Ivan Celanovic, Typhoon HIL’s co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), entitled “Hardware in the loop testing, the key enabling technology for the rapid transformation of power systems and electrification of transportation.” Organizing committee’s invitation for Mr. Celanovic to deliver one of the plenary talks is a great honor, but also a testimony to the rising awareness of the key role that hardware in the loop (HIL) is going to play in the transformation of ways in which we produce, distribute, and use electrical energy. In his plenary talk, Mr. Celanovic will

See how Typhoon’s Hardware in the Loop technology is meeting America’s microgrid expansion

In its eighth installment, ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit is a meeting place of companies, government and thought leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers who want to move transformational energy technologies out of the lab and into the market. That is why we, together with University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), have been working hard to prepare an eye-opening demo which will show you ...

As the transition to renewables and distributed energy generation is gaining momentum, manufacturers, and utilities alike are seeking new, efficient ways to design, analyze, integrate, test, and certify DER and microgrid control systems. The only technology that can achieve this is high-fidelity, real-time controller hardware in the loop (C-HIL), yet many are still not fully aware of its capabilities and potential. That is why we are delighted to invite you to the Microgrid & DER Controller Symposium which is organized for the very purpose of showcasing engineering capabilities of HIL and explaining ways in which HIL provides a fundamentally new way for utility distribution system engineers to do their work.

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