Company vision

Typhoon HIL Inc. is the market and technology leader in the rapidly-growing field of ultra-high-fidelity controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) simulation for power electronics, microgrids, and distribution networks. We provide industry-proven, vertically integrated test solutions along with the highest-quality customer support. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has been creating products distinguished by the ultimate ease of use, unrivaled performance, leading-edge technology, and affordability.

Designed with love, from the ground up, Typhoon HIL tools offer a unique user experience free of third-party software and hardware complexities.  As a result, Typhoon HIL Control Center, with all the libraries installs with a single click, models compile in seconds, digital inputs are sampled as low as at a 3.5 ns resolution, and real-time simulation runs with a time step as low as 200 ns on the latest generation of Typhoon HIL products.

We deeply believe that less is more when it comes to test equipment that our customers love.

We stand behind our seamlessly integrated technology stack, from Typhoon HIL’s application-specific processors and ultra-robust numerical solver all the way to the Schematic Editor, SCADA system, and TyphoonTest testing automation. The complete technology stack empowers our customers to continuously exceed their controller software quality, performance, and time-to-market goals.