This webinar covers the seamless workflow between PSIM’s offline simulation and code generation and Typhoon HIL’s real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation. The tight integration will solve key challenges related to converter controls design and testing throughout the entire product lifecycle, from early controls design (PSIM) stage to real-time verification and testing (Typhoon HIL). This seamless workflow will: speed up your design cycle, reduce your time to market, reduce failures in prototypes, and reduce development costs. To demonstrate the workflow, we will cover two case studies and other examples showcasing embedded code generation in PSIM and real-time simulation of power stage in Typhoon HIL.

Powersim and Typhoon HIL are both recognized as leaders in their respective fields. Powersim’s popular offline simulation and code generation tool PSIM and revolutionary simulation tool DSIM are known for reliability, speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Typhoon’s real-time Hardware in the Loop (HIL) systems are valued for their high fidelity real-time simulations and ability to test the actual control hardware rather than simply the control algorithm.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Phase shifted full bridge converter with peak current mode control (PCMC) and active secondary to implement as duty cycle and position changes based on the phase shift primary switches. This example uses the HIL604 with its high speed sampling algorithm of digital input signals (6ns), high fidelity converter models, and ultra-low IO stage latency.
  • Microgrid, 3 phase grid link converter with MPPT control algorithm and PV inverters using PSIM to generate MPPT control algorithm and further verification and real-time controls testing with Typhoon HIL604.
  • Other examples: a simple buck converter, a PMSM motor drive, and a multi-level converter