Save time and money, pre-certify your smart inverter controller for UL1741 SA and California’s updated Rule 21 using controller hardware in the loop (C-HIL). Learn how Hardware in the Loop (HIL) empowers industry leaders to effortlessly test and pre-certify all smart inverter grid support functionalities covered by the updated Rule 21 Phase 1, and emerging UL1741 SA titled “Supplement for Grid Support Utility Interactive Inverters.”

Discover how HIL enables you to rigorously test your controller for all test cases specified by UL1741 SA. Furthermore, with HIL you can do it in-house and without the need for a high power laboratory. Automatically generate detailed reports for each test. Quickly tune your controller firmware and re-test again until all test criteria are met. This way, when you start full power testing in house, or when you send your converter to the official certification lab you can be confident that it will pass with flying colors.

Attendees will learn about:

  • HIL testing low/high voltage ride through, as well as
  • Dynamic Volt-Var Operation
  • Specified Power Factor
  • Anti-islanding protection