This webinar demonstrates the benefits of using a microgrid library for HIL modeling. To showcase the advantages, a live demo with a reference microgrid containing a set of the components is being presented and a brief description of the main the components available in the microgrid library will be given. To exemplify the operation and control of the components, simple unit test models and specific SCADA interfaces will be used. And to finish, another microgrid model capable of islanding and reconnecting controlled by a simulated power management system will be demonstrated.

The webinar was hosted by Matt Baker, Director of Microgrids and Critical Power at Typhoon HIL and our key speaker is Murilo Almeida, Head of Microgrid Applications Group at Typhoon HIL.  Register on the right to watch the webinar recoring on The New Microgrid Library HIL Modeling.

Murilo M. Almeida is the head of Microgrid Applications Group at Typhoon HIL. Mainly, Murilo is responsible for the microgrid applications branch. His everyday tasks include: coordinating the development team for high fidelity models and controls for elements of a microgrid, including protection relays, controlled and variable loads, energy management systems and distributed energy resources; coordinating projects of microgrid testbed development by implementing the microgrids topology and interfaces in the simulation environment for the use of real controllers connected via hardware-in-the-loop; and creation, development, implementation, upgrade and maintenance of the microgrid elements library for Typhoon HIL toolchain.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The background behind the Controller Hardware in the Loop methodology
  • An overview of the new Microgrid Library
  • Motivation and use cases
  • A reference microgrid model
  • Library elements
  • Call to action: integrate your model into our Microgrid Library
  • Microgrid Demonstration


A head shot of Murillo Alemdia.
Murilo M. Almeida
Head of Microgrid Applications Group
Typhoon HIL, Inc.


A head shot of Matt Baker.
Matt Baker
Head of Microgrid and Critical Power Applications
Typhoon HIL Inc.