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What is a Virtual HIL Testbed?

Virtual HIL Testbed is a Typhoon HIL toolchain functionality which emulates Typhoon HIL hardware Testbeds, on the Windows®-based PC platform.

In other words, Virtual HIL Testbed is a HIL equivalent of a virtual machine in computing.

Virtual HIL Testbed allows you to run all your models without the actual HIL Testbed hardware. It allows you to transfer the modelling and script development tasks that do not require real time to Virtual HIL Testbed. As a result, you dramatically boost the utilization and ROI of your HIL Testbed.


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Transform your teaching

Virtual HIL Testbed is a truly game-changing addition to any teaching lab. With it, any computer lab based on Windows®-based PCs can be instantly transformed into a power electronics knowledge and skill factory where students can create their own models and test scripts.

Moreover, Virtual HIL Testbed is the perfect tool to make the flipped classroom teaching methodology work. Using their own PCs with Virtual HIL Testbeds, students can develop their power electronics intuition, knowhow, and knowledge at their own pace in the comfort of their dorm rooms. During contact hours, the models developed using Virtual HIL Testbeds can be run on the real HIL Testbeds in the power electronics laboratory – which is where fundamental learning happens through discussions and exchange of opinions on different solutions for the same problem.

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