Can you really set up a HIL in a Day?

With Typhoon HIL’s integrated solution, you can start testing right away!


HIL testing accelerates development


Today’s power plants are becoming more and more diverse and decentralized. Together with protective relays, communication networks, and grid controllers, they are complex systems that need thorough testing and verification before their safe and reliable operation can be guaranteed for all operating conditions.

With our vertically-integrated solution, you can HIL test every grid component with unlimited testing coverage, letting you provide pre-validation of interoperability to system integrators before physical implementation. This guaranteed interoperability adds confidence to all the stakeholders included in the process, facilitating peace of mind, trust, and cooperation.


A 30min@3x How can you set up your HIL in a Day?

The combination of our lighting-fast hardware and our comprehensive pre-built model library means that model integration and communication issues are virtually eliminated. Once you have gathered and shared basic information of your system and controller under test, you can start building and testing your power plant model in only a day, with just a few steps.

A 02hours@3x Build a real-time, high-fidelity model

Start with building your high-fidelity model of the power stage using our real-time component library. As part of the Typhoon HIL Software Suite, Schematic Editor includes hundreds of pre-built and validated components that let you easily build the exact system you want to test. Additionally, customizable generic components (including batteries, diesel generators, PV Panels, Wind Turbines, etc) allow you to further parameterize the model. Simply drag, drop, connect, and deploy- and your model is ready to simulate.

A 02hours@3x Set up your testbed hardware

Then, set up your testbed hardware to interface your Controller IO with the HIL testbed.  With our single-vendor solution, the physical setup only requires a single connection point to get started, avoiding most integration issues- even with external controller hardware.

How? Thanks to years of experience working with key power control hardware manufacturers, Typhoon HIL has several off-the-shelf controller interfaces that let you perform C-HIL testing right out of the box. Controllers that can be connected for C-HIL testing right out of the box are recognized by their HILCompatible certification.

A 01hour@3x Create your simulation interface

Next, you can create your custom real-time simulation interface in HIL SCADA. Simply drag and drop from a collection of fully customizable widgets, that let you turn your simulation into a control center. This lets you easily visualize, control, and reconfigure your Schematic Editor model as it runs.

A 01hour@3x Start Testing!

Now that your system is set up, you’re ready to start running your first batch of test scenarios!  Our TyphoonTest Automation Framework and TyphoonTest IDE allow your power engineering team to directly create powerful test scripts with detailed automated reports directly from the software interface, with little to no coding knowledge required. Start showing results from day 1, and you can already move on to validating and reiterating your designs.


Set-up HIL in a Day in four steps


What support do we provide?


Our experienced engineering teams are there to support you every step of the way- from selecting your HIL devices, to answering questions during your HIL setup. If you have a day to spare, we can even set up a follow-up remote training session to cover everything your engineering team needs to know to make the most of Typhoon HIL technology.​

Ready to give it a try? Contact our engineering team to pick the date to build your HIL in a day!​



Ready to give it a try? Contact our engineering team to pick the date to build your HIL in a day!​