Request HIL in a Day

Building complex power electronics circuit models that run in real-time and testing digital controllers is quicker and easier than ever with HIL in a Day but, how does it work?

30 Minutes | Your investment to gather and share the basic information of your system and controller.

2 Hour | Time it takes to build real-time a high-fidelity model of the power stage, thanks to Typhoon HIL’s real-time model library (high-fidelity converters and machine models included).​

2 Hours | Time it takes to set up your testbed hardware by interfacing your Controller IO with the HIL. Our full-stack solution virtually eliminates integration issues.​

1 Hour | Time it takes to build a custom simulation interface in HIL SCADA​.

1 Hour | Program your first batch of test scenarios and start getting results within the hour!


If you have a day to spare, we can even set up a remote training session to cover everything your engineering team needs to know to make the most of Typhoon HIL technology.

Ready to give it a try? Contact our team to assess your need to build your HIL in a Day!​

An illustration that says that controller plus HIL plus real time model equals 24 hours.