Interface dSPACE's MicroLabBox with HIL Simulation

Plug-and-play interfaces for easy Rapid Control Prototyping.

Kick-start your control development


The HIL dS Interface Type-B provides a pin-to-pin compatible interface between all Typhoon HIL emulators (4-Series and 6-Series) and the dSPACE’s MicroLabBox, top panel variant, as well DS1103 controllers.

In less than 5 minutes, connect your dSPACE hardware to a Typhoon HIL real-time emulator, map all the signals, and start running real-time simulation models with the closed loop control.​



Ideal Sandbox for Power Electronics Control Development


If you are using MicroLabBox for rapid control prototyping, you only need a HIL dS Interface (Type-A or Type-B) and one of our ultra-high fidelity real-time HIL emulators to start “test driving” your controller. Take advantage of our vast array of ultra-high-fidelity power electronics and electric motor models to validate the performance of your controller under any condition including faults.

Contact our sales team to find out the best way to deploy Typhoon HIL’s industry-proven, lightning-fast HIL solutions in your lab.



Technical details​

For more details on HIL dS Interface Type-B, please refer to our documentation.

HIL dS Interface Type-A HIL dS Interface Type-B
Target devices dSPACE MicroLabBox, front panel variant (MLBX_1302F) dSPACE MicroLabBox, top panel variant w/ BNC connectors (MLBX_1302T)​

DS1103 with CP1103 connector panel

Supported connectors Sub-D 50 (Analog A​)

Sub-D 50 (Analog B​)

Sub-D 50 (Digital A​)

Sub-D 50 (Digital B)

DS1103 CP31​

DS1103 CP30​

Sub-D 50 (Digital I/O​)

BNC (16 AO and 16 AI)





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