HIL Calibration Card

Keep your HIL running in top shape.

Automatically calibrate
analog I/O in-house


Plug the Calibration Card into your HIL and it will precisely measure all analog input and output channel’s offset and gain errors to keep your HIL devices operating at their highest level of performance.

In the background, as a first step, your HIL device will test analog inputs by measuring the Calibration Card voltage references. In the next step, analog outputs are tested via analog inputs, so, once everything is complete, you can be sure that you HIL is performing as intended.

As a confirmation that HIL is up to spec, you get a Calibration Report.

HIL Calibration Card technical details

Download the HIL Calibration Card flyer

HIL4 Calibration Card HIL6 Calibration Card
Compatibility HIL402





On board voltage reference +4.096 V, -4,096 V +4.096 V, -4,096 V
Voltage reference stability 40 ppm @ 1k hours 40 ppm @ 1k hours
Voltage reference temperature coefficient 10 ppm / °C 10 ppm / °C
Power source HIL HIL