Free Software Features

Available for Typhoon HIL Control Center.

You can access a number of free features made for the Typhoon HIL Control Center. Within the installation itself, you receive a collection of Schematic Editor components and the Vitrual HIL offline simulation capability, but there are a number of additional custom free libraries that you can access as well. Learn about these free features below.


Schematic Editor component collection


Build your controller HIL quickly and easily.

This component collection comes readily with your Control Center installation. Drag and drop hundreds of pre-built, ultra-high fidelity models to create your system. Parameterize the components and define real-world inputs right in the software GUI or with Python API. Compile and run your model fast, with our ultra-robust, numerical solver. All in one place.

Test faster, better, and easier than ever.

Virtual HIL

Emulate any HIL real-time device.

Virtual HIL is a software-based emulator of the HIL real-time devices. The Virtual HIL license allows you to use the Typhoon HIL software toolchain in offline mode without the actual HIL real-time device connected. You can experiment in the offline mode with Virtual HIL and use the actual HIL device when you need real-time capabilities.

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Expand your knowledge, boost your skills, test freely, and test relentlessly!


Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR)


Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) toolbox is a non-commercial toolbox designed to ease the visualization of complex multiphysics systems, such as electromechanical systems with multi-drive subsystems.

As EMR is based on the action-reaction principle, this allows you to take your simulation into the realm of multiphysics, which can also be extremely useful in testing the overall energetic behavior of the system, no matter how small or big it may be. In short, EMR Toolbox allows you to clearly visualize and emulate the power flow.


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