6-series HIL

Hardware in the Loop engineered to perfection

Tradition of vertically integrated solutions


HIL604 and HIL602+ are the latest additions to the long line of vertically integrated HIL solutions that is reshaping the HIL market. Power engineers simply love the powerful, easy to use, Python-based, application software that integrates seamlessly with the most powerful processor, twice the number of I/O ports, and connectivity capabilities that are redefining the expectations.

If you are looking for the market-leading desktop HIL unit that will keep developing and consistently exceeding your expectations, look no further.

If you are looking for a powerful building block for your state-of-the-art Microgrid/Distribution Grid/Transmission Grid testbed, look no further.

The next generation of sophisticated testbed solution is only an email away.

Integrated, scalable and versatile

Reach the new heights of your engineering excellence with the latest in the trailblazing HIL operating systems you love. The HIL Operating System from Typhoon HIL respects your time. It shields you from trivialities and helps you focus on what is truly your job: outstanding power engineering that is built into game-changing power technologies, outstanding power products and power services your consumers love.




Try the award-winning HIL Operating System with a rich library of elements that makes modeling an experience to look forward to. Add libraries and call functions. Drag and drop machines, gensets, battery storage systems, PV plants, transformers, switches and transmission lines.… and compile them with a single click!




Run your HIL tests in the powerful built-in HIL SCADA, supported with an amazing Scope and Capture functionalities.




Every element in Typhoon HIL’s software toolchain can be controlled with Python scripts. Automate your tests with the built-in Python Editor: insert disturbances, create faults, trigger short circuits… throw anything you can think of at your controller under test and record its responses. Automatically.

Industry’s only single-vendor solution

More powerful than any other simulator on the planet. The all new 6-series processor once again sets the industry standard for ultra-low-latency, ultra-high-fidelity, real-time emulation of power electronics enabled power systems.

Paired with Typhoon HIL’s software toolchain that perfectly and seamlessly cooperates with HIL real-time emulators, you can forget about interoperability issues and set-up headaches. Be it ad-hoc testing or complex automation and formalization of test processes, the perfectly integrated software and hardware allow you to focus on testing and not on setting-up the test system.

From a component to the systems.

No microgrid is too complex and no shipboard power system is too big. Parallel your 6-series HIL systems and create powerful HIL clusters that can handle any system size that you throw at it.


Thanks to its new, expanded I/O stage you can simply plug any controller to the HIL real-time emulator – without any controller modifications – and take it for the most demanding test drive ever in real time. With ± 24V and ESD protection on all I/O channels, the new 6-series devices allow worry-free interfacing and experimentation. Finally time synchronization (PPS and IRIG-B inputs) built into the HIL paralleling protocols  shatters any system-size barriers while keeping 1 microsecond latency.

Rich connectivity with Ethernet, CAN and RS232, paired with industry-standard communication protocols. Open a whole new world of testing possibilities with real or emulated devices talking through real communication lines. Your testbed can also talk with any SCADA system.


    HIL604 technical details

    For more details take a look at HIL604 brochure.
    For more technical details read our Hardware documentation.


    Processor up to 8 cores
    Channels 64 x Analog outputs (AO)
    64 x Digital outputs (DO)
    64 x Digital inputs (DI)
    32 x Analog inputs (AI)
    Resolution 16 bit ADC
    Connectivity Analog I/O (1 x DIN 41612, type C, 96 pin male connector)
    Digital I/O (1 x DIN 41612, type C, 96 pin male connector)
    USB 2.0 (1 x B-type connector)
    Ethernet (2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps  RJ45 connector)
    CAN (2 x DB9 plug)
    RS232 (1 x DB9 receptacle)
    High speed serial link (2 x PCIe 4x connector, 8 lane, 5 GHz)
    Housing 2U 19” rack-mountable unit, up to 10 kg
    Software HIL Control Center