Danfoss Drives: Journey to Net Zero & Energy Efficiency

Danfoss Group has one of the world’s strongest portfolio components for decarbonising the three most emission-intensive sectors: industry, transport and buildings.

Danfoss Group has a three-step approach: Reuse, Reduce and Recirculate, which Janne Kuivalainen, CTO at Danfoss Drives, views as a method of medicine. The company is introducing the Danfoss circularity framework (Rethink Reduce Recirculate) as an integral part of its new product development. By 2030, Danfoss’ ambition is to apply it to all product development.

According to Kim Fausing, Danfoss President and CEO of Danfoss Group, “A third of the reduction needed in energy-related CO2 emissions this decade according to the IEA Net Zero by 2050 scenario must come from improvements in energy efficiency. The good news is that the solutions are there to improve energy efficiency in all sectors. We don’t need to wait. We need action because the greenest energy is the energy we don’t use.”

This is where the key partnership between Danfoss Drives and Typhoon HIL comes into play. Energy efficiency can be greatly improved through Typhoon HIL’s Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) power electronics control testing solutions applied for product design, development, testing, and validation. Learn more about this collaboration through in this digital report that has been featured in Sustainability, Manufacturing Digital, and Energy Digital Magazines.