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Typhoon HIL Control Center is a freemium vertically integrated toolchain for model-based design and testing of control systems in modern power systems. Control Center comes with a set of functionalities that can be further enriched through selected premium features organized into Toolbox Packages.

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Toolbox Packages
Communication Expert Power Electronics Microgrid Premium
Modbus Protocol
IEC61850 Protocols
C37.118 Protocol
Ethernet Variable Exchange
CAN bus
DNP3 Protocol
Power loss calculation (real-time)
Nonlinear machines
Typhoon Test
Power Systems advanced


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Toolbox Package


All the communication protocols you need.

Communication protocol support


Achieve full interoperability.

Develop and validate the full compatibility of your system components as soon as in the development phase. With our support for a wide array of communication protocols, you can maintain maximum efficiency even when developing complex system architectures. Interface the testing environment directly with your chosen PLC or hardware control to validate your complete control automation process.

The protocols we support include: Modbus, IEC61850, C37.118, CAN Bus, Ethernet Variable Exchange, DNP3, … and more. Contact our sales team for answers for your specific use case.

Expert Power Electronics
Toolbox Package


Everything you need to fully test your power electronics.

Real-time power loss calculation

Calculate semiconductor power losses.

Save time in analyzing the results of your high-fidelity model at every development stage. Calculate both switching and conduction power losses in real time with just the manufacturer’s datasheet. Have the information you need to develop new equipment with maximum efficiency.

SIL (External code support)

Your code, your model.

Maximize compatibility with your existing models by integrating external C-functions directly into your software model. Use your C source files directly or DLLs to control your model the way you will in the field. Avoid risks in the deployment phase and enter your field test with confidence.

Nonlinear machines

Build complex systems.

Access our vast collection of high-fidelity non-linear machine models. Capture magnetic saturation effects and spatial harmonics within your model analysis. Design new systems using proven models instead of building new ones from scratch, so you can focus on your own innovations.

Typhoon Test IDE

Automate tests easily.

Easily create and run automated tests using an intuitive GUI designed by and for power engineers. Use proven functions from TyphoonTest’s rich library directly or simply drag and drop them directly into your own Python code. Capture your test reports with automatic reporting.

Toolbox Package


Advanced models for testing your microgrid and shipboard power networks.


Build your models graphically.

Whether you are designing a terrestrial microgrid or managing your shipboard power system, the Microgrid Toolbox has the models you need to bring your specification to life. Experiment, find the right sizing and configuration of components, and validate their performance at every step. With our generic library models, setting up the system becomes easy.

Enter commissioning with confidence and eliminate penalties from extending deadlines.

Generic Microgrid Components​

Make your microgrid real.​

Generic Microgrid models let you perform grid stability and optimization studies, without needing detailed data from the main grid operator. Prebuilt PV Plant, Wind Turbine, and Battery models let you easily input real data and test your microgrid performance in countless scenarios.​

Parameterize your microgrid components early in the development process. Test your system integration before deployment. ​

Power systems

Supercharge your signal processing.

Complete your microgrid models with the devices you use in the field to ensure power quality. Fine tune and stabilize the power flow from your generation sources in real time.

Save time and reduce modelling errors with our pre-built, high-fidelity models for signal processing.

Toolbox Package


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Premium Toolbox Package

Test everything.

Want to use it all? The Premium Toolbox Package gives you access to all the toolbox packages above so you can take full advantage of your testing suite. Make sure you always have the right tool for the job.

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