Test your

Distribution Automation System


Automate Cybersecurity Testing, Optimize Performance, and Accelerate Deployment using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation.


Controller HIL (C-HIL) real-time simulation enables utilities to simulate their distribution power system environment directly interfaced with a large number of real Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). IEDs that can be interfaced with HIL simulation include Cap Bank Controllers, Load Tap Changer (LTC) voltage controllers, Line Voltage Meters (LVM), recloser controllers, substation/feeder relays, BESS inverter controllers, PV inverter controllers, etc.

Distribution Automation (DA) C-HIL testbed can be used for:

  • Conducting high-fidelity power system simulation for testing control, protection schemes, and interoperability issues before deployment in the field.
  • Automating testing of new software/firmware updates and upgrades on Distribution Automation.
  • Integration Testing of Distribution Automation.
  • As a power system’s “flight simulator” by training operators and engineers.

We are developing a solution that is addressing microgrids, energy storage, and automation and control of distributed energy resources.

Luca Cicognani
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Grid Edge Solutions at Hitachi ABB



Interfacing HIL simulation Distribution Automation


Control and protection devices are interfaced via fast analog and digital IO signals and using standard communication protocols:

  • DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-104 for SCADA applications
  • MODBUS over TCP/IP
  • Sunspec
  • OpenFMB standard
  • IEC 61850 Sampled Values and GOOSE Messaging
  • Synchrophasor data
  • Generic TCP/UDP communication

Simulate Distribution Networks in Real-Time with High Fidelity


Time-domain Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP) type simulation.

Our small time-step simulation enables high-fidelity simulation of all power devices including inverter-based DERs.

Our detailed library of Virtual DER models allows you to interface your designs with a high-fidelity digital model of the power system executed on ultra-low-latency real-time emulators and harness the benefits of test-driven development.

Invest your efforts into early testing under diverse rare or faulty conditions, rather than running into them unprepared later on.


Learn more in the Typhoon HIL
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Validate Protection


Use virtual copies of protection relays to validate emergency scenarios.

Validate relay parameters and test the entire protection layer against short circuits, phase losses, overvoltages, low and overvoltage ride throughs as well as component failures. Connect the physical protection relays to your real-time replica of the microgrid on the signal, power, and communication level. Using Typhoon API and Python scripting, execute complex scenarios and fully automate your testing processes. The same environment enables you to conduct a sensitivity analysis of the whole system in real-time.

Deploy IED Devices

from the HIL Compatible Library


Plug and play any protection and control device with virtual simulation.

HIL Compatible is a concept designed for component manufacturers and system integrators.

HIL Compatible means having your product-grade controllers in a format that enables Virtual System Integration. Making products HIL Compatible means making the lives of system integrators easier.

Finally, now as final products, HIL Compatible controllers, with product grade firmware and software and their numerous instances are ready not only for Virtual System Integration (VSI) but also for configuration management (CM) of all installations existing in the field.


Test Automation

Automate the Testing of your Distribution Automation


TyphoonTest: A suite of tools for all your test automation needs.

Write and run automated tests in the easiest way possible. TyphoonTest library is supported by TyphoonTest IDE and makes test automation a simple and efficient task. Use the intuitive graphical user interface to create tests and define test steps.

Once your tests finish running, check the rich details about your test run with the interactive Allure reports. Even better, place your reports in your favorite Continuous Integration server and follow development best practices. After all, it is just Python. No proprietary format to lock you in.


System Integration

Integrate your System with Ease


Fast track to grid digitalization.

Digital power is more than “plug and play”.

Combining multiple DER controllers from various vendors in a single system opens the door to unpredictable interoperability issues and challenges in validating even technically simple tasks as communication.

  1. Test Supervisory Control
  2. Test Interoperability
  3. Test Protection