Innovative Tools for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Project Objectives

The principal goal of the¬†InnoCyPES¬†Innovative¬†Training Network (ITN) is to provide world-leading and¬†transferable scientific training to a new¬†generation of 15 high-achieving¬†early stage¬†researchers (ESRs).¬†In the¬†course of¬†their training, they will study, investigate and improve various facets of digitalized and interconnected¬†energy systems. Supervised by a consortium of prominent and experienced academic institutions, research¬†institutes and industrial partners, they will collaboratively develop a cutting-edge system management platform¬†that covers the entire lifecycle of data for energy system planning, operation and maintenance, based on an¬†understanding of the energy system as a cyber-physical system.‚Äč


An infographic showing that it is a innovative training network project, with a budget of 4.2 million euros, a duration of 48 months and 21 active partners.

Typhoon’s role as a project partner

Typhoon HIL‚Äôs main contribution is by collaborating with the Technical University of Denmark to host one of the 15¬†Early Stage¬†Researchers in the¬†InnoCyPES¬†Innovative¬†Training Network.¬†‚Äč

The work from this ESR will develop a software module for a real-time digital simulator of the cyber-physical¬†energy system (CPES) that integrates data acquisition and commercially available communication protocols. This¬†will enable cyber-physical Digital Twin testing of the full power grid using both HIL test equipment and¬†cloud-based¬†signals.‚Äč

Field of science

Machine learning, data mining, statistical data processing and applications, Scientific computing and data¬†processing, Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems, Energy systems,¬†smart energy, smart grids, wireless energy transfer, Networks (communication networks, sensor networks,¬†networks of robots, etc.)‚Äč,¬†Digitalization, Interconnected Energy Systems, Policy.


Partners of InnoCyPES project: TUDelft, Universit√† del Salento, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Imperial College London, Austrian Institute of Technology, SIEMENS, SIEMENS Gamesa, Dansk Energi, CSIRO, Depsys, Equinor, ETH Z√ľrich, Phase to Phase, Inescid Lisboa, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, University of New South Wales, and Orsted.