Test-driven development


From specification to commissioning.

Start your design process by defining the test criteria and then test extensively from the earliest design stages. Gain direct insight into the behavior of your controls under all imaginable operating conditions. Optimize your development processes and enable full test automation on component, sub-system, and system level.

In sum, reduce development costs and shorten development cycles while improving your control design.

Full interoperability


Eradicate interoperability issues at the very beginning.

Connect your prototypes to existing energy storage systems, PV plants, diesel gensets, etc. The Typhoon HIL development environment offers industry-standard interfaces and supports all major communication protocols (e.g. ModBus, IEC 61850, IEC 61400). Optimize your microgrid control software algorithms for integration with the existing substation communication protocols and existing DERs to see how will the newly added infrastructure communicate with external resources.

Minimize the risks of buying suboptimal (and oversized) components by assessing their behavior and performance in a virtual environment.