A suite of tools for all your test automation needs

Automation made easy.


QA resources and skilled and experienced test automation engineers are often in short supply. Even worse, companies frequently rely on custom, internally-developed test automation solutions. Such solutions usually come with a steep learning curve and high maintenance costs and, at the same time, due to their proprietary nature, limit possibilities to access broader a software testing ecosystem.

With TyphoonTest, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you do not know where and how to start when you want to automate your tests, TyphoonTest is the answer. You will be able to leverage the greatest field-proven, battle-tested open-source tools in an integrated solution tailored specially for power engineers testing power equipment.

Create and run automatic tests


Write and run automated tests in the easiest way possible. TyphoonTest library is supported by TyphoonTest IDE and makes test automation a simple and efficient task. Use the intuitive graphical user interface to create tests and define test steps. Then run them with a click of a button and follow the test progress in real-time.

Code less and do more

with rich function libraries


Take advantage of a rich set of generic and domain-specific TyphoonTest library functions created from our constantly growing experience in power control testing. Create test scenarios, capture signals, apply transformations and analyze your data. Moreover, with TyphoonTest IDE, coding is reduced to an absolute minimum. Just drag and drop a function to your script and parameterize it using the template. You can also use the wizard to create test scripts in an interactive way.

Coupled with the flexibility of the Python library ecosystem, you can quickly go from zero to hero in terms of test automation.

Automatic reporting and continuous integration


Once your tests finish running, check the rich details about your test run with the interactive Allure reports. Export them as PDFs to make sharing test results even easier. Even better, place your reports in your favorite Continuous Integration server and follow development best practices. After all, it is just Python. No proprietary format to lock you in.

Try TyphoonTest today!


Do you want to fully automatize testing? Do you want to ensure unparalleled test coverage for hundreds or thousands of test scenarios? Are you tired of coding test automation scripts and would like to focus on the actual test scenarios instead on how to code them? TyphoonTest is built for you. Contact us for a demo, or download a free Virtual HIL installation license to get a feel for the Typhoon HIL software toolchain.