2023.1 Software Release

Automatic PDF Report in TyphoonTest IDE

ISO 15118 PnC option – certificates

Package manager

SPI Slave protocol support over GPIO

50 ns resonant converter model

Automatic PDF Report in TyphoonTest IDE

Sharing your test reports just got a lot easier​ ​

  • Option to create a PDF report alongside your Allure (HTML) report
  • Useful for sharing, storing, or printing report
  • Several options for report customization:
    • Report Title and color
    • Organization logo
    • Include or exclude different report elements: traces, steps, and plots

ISO 15118 PnC option - certificates

Test the state of the art in EV charging communication​

  • Added support for the Plug & Charge (PnC) feature in ISO 15118-2 EVCC communication
  • PnC allows secure, automated communication and billing processes between the EV and the EVSE without the need of any external identification
  • Test secured communication over TLS (Transport Layer Security) using certificates
    • Import your certificates directly to the HIL device via the provided script

Package manager

Manage, version, and share your content from one place​

  • New tool available in Typhoon HIL Control Center
  • Easily create, publish, share, and download packages
  • Packages can include:
    • Schematic libraries
    • SCADA libraries
    • Documentation
    • Examples
    • Additional SCADA Python libraries
    • Additional resources
  • Create your own packages that can be versioned and shared safely both within and outside of your organization

SPI Slave protocol support

New communication protocol supported at the model level​

  • New Serial Peripheral Interface communication support available in THCC
  • SPI Slave available on HIL404 and HIL606 devices
  • Protocol interfaced through the GPIO connector

Resonant converter with 50 ns resolution

Improved capabilities for modeling high-frequency DC-DC chargers​

  • Schematic component that provides fast calculation of resonant converter topologies with 50 ns resolution
    • LLC and CLLLC topologies supported
  • Available on 4th generation devices (HIL404 and HIL606)
  • Resonant converter and DAB topology also available on HIL604 with 100 ns resolution
  • Powered by the special DC-DC converter solver resource
  • Specially designed to fulfill the needs of high frequency DC-DC charger applications

UI improvements

Build, scale, and share your models even faster​

  • Signal View configuration file
    • Automatically save exported signal configuration from Capture/Scope and Signal Analyzer in an .svc file
    • Easily import viewport layout, signal line color, and signal type settings into your model
  • Quick Insert in Schematic Editor
    • Double-click anywhere on the Schematic Editor canvas to quickly search for and insert components
    • Improve modeling productivity