2022.2 Software Release

IEC 60870 support

Improved library export capabilities

CCS Charging Protocol

New machine components​

IEC 60870​ support

New communication protocol supported at the model level​

  • Used in SCADA systems for power system control applications
  • In compliance with the IEC 60870-5-104 standard
  • HIL devices act as server
  • Support for multiple servers in a single HIL device

Improved library export capabilities​

Context independent frame for library resources

  • Ability to package and encrypt all library dependencies (images, handler…)
  • Access resources using relative paths
  • Added support for preserving file/directory hierarchy after library export
  • Use the handler function open() to access resources using relative paths to the common root defined in the Schematic API function get_library_resource_dir_path(item_handle)

CCS Charging Protocol​

ISO15118-2 communication protocol for Combined Charging System ​

  • Digital communication protocol between battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment
  • Allows EVSE and Fast DC smart charging tests. 
  • Full ISO 15118-2 EV-side model in THCC
  • Plug & Charge capabilities (contract payment option)
  • Four types of DC energy transfer modes
  • Welding detection performance
  • Security options: trusted or secured connection
  • Adjustable EV charge parameters from component properties

New machine components​

New permanent magnet machines for high- and low-power applications​

Open-Winding Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (OW-PMSM)

  • Both stator coils terminals are accessible
    • New topologies of drives for PMSM
    • High-power applications

Permanent Magnet DC Machine (PMDC Machine)

  • Stator poles consist of permanent magnets
    • Simpler circuit (no field winding)
    • Low-power applications