2020.3 Software Release

MOSFET real-time power loss calculation

Grid support-capable generic DER models

HIL SCADA model explorer

Examples explorer

User-Friendly Look


The latest release features an intuitive user interface with new icons that enhance navigation and user experience.


More Detailed Inverter Models

MOSFET Real-time Power Losses Calculation


Expand converter real-time power losses calculation with thermal model to simulate junction temperatures


  • Non-idealities of the semiconductor devices will be included with the Forward Voltage Drop feature
  • Calculation of switching and conduction losses in the real time based on the look-up table
  • Simple parametrization of 3D look-up table:​
    • User-specific look-up table can be created
    • Data-sheet parameters for Switch and Diode can be imported as .XML file
  • Expand converters real time power loss calculation with thermal model to simulate junction temperatures​

Grid Code Requirements Testing

Grid Support Functionality


Generic DER Components can support standardized low voltage ride-through (LVRT) requirements 


  • During the LVRT event: DER will stay connected required period of time and will support the grid with active and reactive power
  • Injecting reactive power to the grid will increase the voltage value
  • Configuration reactive power contribution through SCADA input
  • Standardized LVRT requirements

User-Friendly SCADA panel

HIL SCADA Model Explorer


A new dock in HIL SCADA shows all model variables from the opened model​


  • Option to bring command or signal direct to SCADA panel
  • Change the panel building perspective from widget-oriented to signal-oriented
  • Especially useful for first-time users

Easy Access to Example Models

Example Explorer


Access example models with application notes from the GUI main screen


  • Example models visibility is increased
  • Browse & search examples by application areas or search by keywords
  • Preview and open schematic files
  • Direct access to application notes