2020.2 Software Release

Induction machine with fault injection​

PMSM spatial harmonic model​

Reduced order genset and wind turbine models​

Automatic code generation​

Prevent Faults Failures in Industrial Motor Drives

Induction Machine Model with ITSC Fault​


Winding faults account for 30-40% of failures in industrial motor drives. Develop and test drives software functionality with an expanded induction machine model.


  • Expanded induction machine component models interturn short circuits ​
  • Develop and Test drives software functionality: fault detection, isolation, and diagnosis​
  • Fault can be injected on any phase (A, B, or C)​
  • Run-time adjustment of severity factor and fault resistance, allows simulating the gradual progression of the fault

Model Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines with High-Fidelity

PMSM Spatial Harmonic model


A more detailed model of a permanent magnet synchronous machine that includes the effects of the machine geometry on the inductances, fluxes, and torque.


  • Very high-fidelity model of permanent magnet synchronous machines​
  • Machine inductances are a function of angle and current​
  • The effects of the machine geometry on the inductances, fluxes, and torque are included​
  • Direct import of look-up tables from Finite Element Analysis tools e.g. JMAG

Webinar | 4th Gen HIL- HIL404

Join us and learn how the new HIL404 enables ultra-high fidelity real-time simulation of advanced motor drives and automotive applications.

Model Microgrids Easily with User-Friendly Components

Diesel Genset and Wind Power Plant generic models.


Reduced order models of commonly used components with clearly defined corresponding user interface subsystems in the microgrid library.


  • Easily parametrized with just a couple of nominal parameters (e.g. input voltage, nominal power)​
  • Model inputs and outputs are clearly defined in corresponding User Interface subsystems​
  • Diesel genset optimized to reduce the utilization of FPGA machine solver
  • System models with larger number of diesel gensets (>4 per HIL device) are possible

Are you new to HIL Testing Electric Drives?


Find out all you need to know about the key challenges and solutions to motor drives software development and testing.

Speed Up Rapid Control Prototyping for Converters and Microgrid Controllers

External Code generator


Controller and signal domain subsystems can now be exported to any ANSI C code compatible platform and be used for a wide variety of embedded applications


  • Full export support of subsystems modelled using Signal Processing toolbox​
  • Generated code can be directly used in common IDEs e.g. TI’s Code Composer Studio ​
  • Improved code readability​
  • Added “int,” “uint” and “real” type mapping to your platform