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Creating new solutions for power electronics systems is hard, why make it harder with time consuming and costly hardware prototypes if power electronics controls is your thing? Controller Hardware in the Loop technology delivers on fidelity, repeatability, safety and test automation. You should try it yourself.


Control design and prototyping. Integrated.

For most of the today’s power electronics practicing engineers solid knowledge of microcontroller or DSP is an imperative which comes with a steep learning curve. Thanks to the Signal Processing Toolbox it is now possible to decouple the power electronics controls learning curve from the DSP learining curve.


Your industry connection

Typhoon HIL testbeds are the award-winning solutions for in-house development, testing and pre-certification of converters that are used by multinational enterprises and start-ups alike. With C-HIL systems from Typhoon HIL, Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Research Institutes (RI) now have access to the tools used by leading industries. This is crucial for successful cooperation in large, government-funded projects, such as European Horizon 2020 or American ARPA-E . Thanks to TestSuite, HEIs and RIs can even take part in pre-certification processes, taking academia-industry cooperation even further.


Next generation power electronics teaching lab

Accelerate and enrich your students’ power electronics learning experience with a completely safe, fully interactive, flexible, and ultra-high fidelity Typhoon HIL’s Academic Bundle.

Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop is changing power electronics learning paradigm according to the formula: play first and get quickly engaged while effortlessly developing intuition, and only then go for the in-depth exploration of power electronics theory and engineering principles. In other words, thanks to C-HIL for the first time in the history of power electronics education, you can flip the power electronics classroom.

With ultra-high fidelity HIL devices, rich library of power electronics components and real TI DSP controllers, this learning environment provides a versatile desktop alternative to power electronics labs. Whether it is a single inverter or a small microgrid, your students are sure to joyfully acquire knowledge that will turn them into future Smart Grid superstars.

Use ready-made teaching materials for high-power digital control hands-on classes

With the Academic Bundle, you are also getting the most comprehensive, hands-on “Grid Connected Converter Control” course. It effortlessly guides your students from an application level exploration all the way to implementation details – from simple to complex control concepts.

A two-level, three-phase inverter is used as an example power stage since it is often used as the grid interface in renewable generators, FACTS devices, grid storage devices, and micro-grid applications.

Your students can simply follow our 200+ page course practicum detailing theory, control code examples, exercises and more.