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MIT Lincoln Laboratories Academic breakthrough


At 2017 Microgrid & DER Controller Symposium, the real, unadulterated industrial microgrid controllers from Eaton, General Electric, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, and Schneider Electric were in the spotlight.

Controllers were operating an 80-bus network with all the interoperability challenges we get connecting a diesel generator, CHP, grid scale battery storage and PV inverters together with numerous loads. Entire network was emulated with a Typhoon HIL Microgrid Testbed with physical controllers and of-the-shell firmware, giving all present a microscopic view on how high level control deals with spectrum of disturbances and Distribution Management System (DMS) requests to the microgrid controller (e.g. to export active/reactive power, to island, etc.)

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Typhoon HIL testbeds are the award-winning model-based testing solutions used by multinational enterprises through entire product life cycle, from concept validation to in-house commissioning.

Master the latest practices for test driven development and product-grade test automation, support your commercial partners with domain expertise and build unbreakable links throughout your partner network.

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With Typhoon HIL you are gaining access to the tools, networks and resources used by world-leading technology companies active in energy and transportation industry domains.

Set the stage for successful cooperation in large, government-funded projects, such as European Horizon 2020 or American ARPA-E.

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C-HIL user are now regular contributors in high-impact publications, thanks to wide adoption and increasing standardization of the C-HIL paradigm in both commercial and research activities. Make your time worthwhile.

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