Exporting library

This section describes library export functionality.

Libraries are save to *.tlib files by default. These libraries can be used (loaded to libraries collection ) without problems as long their parent directory is added to library search path (File → Modify library paths action). Downside of this approach is that any resource files needed by library must be carried away with library file independently. Also, library content is visible, so anyone can see the library implementation.

Another approach to library deployment is to use exported libraries. Library export packs a library with its resource files (and optionally encrypts library content and lock top level library components).

To export a library choose File → Export library action and then customize export library options using export library dialog.

NOTE: To get file system path to library resources directory after library is deployed (for example from some handler which lives on some library element, use Schematic API function called get_library_resource_dir_path().

Figure 1: Library export menu action and export library dialog