Loading a library in Library browser

This section describes loading a library in library browser

User libraries from library search locations are automatically loaded in the Library browser when Schematic Editor is started. Library search locations are specified using the library path dialog (File -> Modify library paths). Paths can be specified both as absolute and as relative to the application installation folder (“C:\Typhoon HIL control center” by default). All libraries found in the specified paths will be loaded.
Important: The order of the user libraries is important if you have user library components dependent on other components in a different user library component. The library that contains the dependent component should come below the library that contains the component it depends on. For the same reason, it is not allowed to have circular dependencies between libraries.

In this window, the user can apply the paths temporarily (during the current Schematic Editor session) or save and persist it so it is loaded every time Schematic Editor is opened.

Figure 1: Modify library paths dialog – one relative and one absolute paths specified

Loaded libraries are shown in the Library browser tree view where components from each library are grouped in their own subtrees.

Figure 2: Library browser tree showing displaying core library and one user library