Multi-file user libraries

This section describes how to create a user library out of separate files

It is possible to have multiple *.tlib files with components for the same library as long as all the *.tlib files share the same library name. Breaking user libraries in multiple files is useful for organization and prevents as possible a situation where multiple people are making changes to the same tlib file, decreasing the need of merging in version control systems.


Let’s consider a “Motors” user library with two components in it: Induction Motor and Synchronous Motor.

We can create a file called induction.tlib with the Induction Motor component in it, with “Motors” as library name. You should define the name it when creating a library or changing settings for an existing library.

Figure 1: File induction.tlib for user library MyLibrary

Then, create another file called synchronous.tlib with the Synchronous Motor component in it, also with “Motors” as the library name.

Figure 2: File synchronous.tlib for user library MyLibrary

Then, when you add their folder to the user library paths, you will see a “Motors” item in the component tree with your user library components.

Figure 3: Library browser tree showing the MyLibrary user library with components from the files