Schematic Editor Shortcuts

Action that creates a new user library. Ctrl+Shift+N
Rotate item on diagram in clockwise direction. Ctrl+R
Rotate item on diagram in counter clockwise direction.


Flip components around vertical axis by 180 degrees. Ctrl+Alt+V
Flip components around horizontal axis by 180 degrees. Ctrl+Alt+H
Action for scaling view to none zoom. Ctrl+1
Scale view in such a way to display all elements of diagram. Ctrl+2
Opens library in a schematic diagram. Ctrl+Shift+O
Action for compiling schematic. F5
Action for toggling between fullscreen and normal mode.


Action for removing wire routing points from connections.


Action for opening dialog for mask creation. Ctrl+M
Action for showing contents of composite component.


Action for changing name for elements with name. F2
Action for creating subsystem from current selection. Ctrl+Alt+S
Action for displaying exec rate legend dialog. F6
Action for changing model settings (for example hardware target, simulation parameters ...) F12
Zoom in action. Ctrl++
Zoom out action. Ctrl+ -
Copy action. Ctrl+C
Paste action. Ctrl+V
Cut action. Ctrl+X
Action for selecting all elements on diagram. Ctrl+A
Action for saving schematic diagram. Ctrl+S
Action for creating new schematic. Ctrl+N