Output Controls

Description of the Output Control settings in HIL SCADA

The Output Controls section defines the analog/digital outputs when the simulation is running. Its default options are set based on the model's settings. By checking the Reset analog outputs on simulation stop options, the analog outputs can be forced to reset to the value defined by Reset analog outputs value when the simulation stops. Available values are Offset Value and Zero Volts. By checking the Reset digital outputs on simulation stop options, the digital outputs can be forced to reset to 0 when the simulation stops. When left unchecked, both analog and digital outputs will maintain the last recorded value at simulation stop. These options can be accessed from the Model/Model Settings options in the Hardware settings tab in Schematic Editor.

The Output Controls settings in HIL SCADA consists of two elements, depending on the signal type:

Analog and Digital controls are further divided by HIL device, with independent controls for each connected HIL device.