Digital Output settings

This section describes digital output settings

Figure 1. Digital output pane functions
  • Chanel 1..N - configures digital output signals on the Typhoon HIL40x/60x simulator hardware. In the hardware control mode, on each digital output you can assign one of the incremental encoder signals of the machine (in case the simulated model contains a machine) or any digital input signals (signal selection part). You can also invert the assigned signals (invert signal part). In the software control mode, digital output values are explicitly defined using software buttons (software control part) where “0” means ‘low voltage level’ (0V) and “1” means ‘high voltage level’ (5V). By using small padlock icons, you can lock/unlock GUI controls for the desired digital channels. Locking digital channel’s GUI control will prevent accidental changes of channel settings.
  • Updating channel settings - channel properties are automatically updated on user selection.
  • Filter controls – you can show/hide locked/unlocked channels.