Signal Processing Sources

Summary of the Source components available through the Signal Processing toolbox in Schematic Editor.

The toolbox provides a wide range of source components, such as square ware and sinusoidal. Their descriptions and supported features are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Source components in HIL Signal Processing Toolbox
Component Description Features Help file
supported output types vector support


Outputs a constant value. real, int, uint (user selectable) yes Constant

Sinusoidal Source

Outputs a sinusoidal waveform. real yes Sinusoidal Source

Square Wave Source

Outputs a square waveform. real yes Square Wave Source

Triangular Wave Source

Outputs a triangular waveform. real yes Triangular Wave Source


Outputs a step real, int, uint yes Step

Repeting Sequence Discrete

Outputs and repeats a discrete time sequence. real, int, uint (user selectable) no Repeating Sequence Discrete


Outputs the current simulation time. real no Clock


Outputs a value defined in HIL SCADA. It will automatically add a control widget in Model Settings panel. The value can also be defined from HIL API (set_scada_input_value() command). real, int, uint (user selectable) no SCADA Input

Digital Input

Outputs value from a selected device’s digital input. real, int, uint (user selectable) no Digital Input

Analog input

Outputs value from a selected device’s analog input. real no Analog Input

Dynamic Table

Outputs and repeats a custom value sequence imported from a file. real, int, uint no Dynamic Table

Signal Picker Source

Outputs a signal selected from current and/or voltage measurements. real, int, uint no Signal Picker Source