Description of the Probe component in Schematic Editor, which adds a signal to the analog signal list in HIL SCADA

Component Icon

Figure 1. Probe icon


The Probe component adds a signal to the analog signal list in HIL SCADA.

Signal connected to Probe can be also read using HIL API commands read_analog_signal and read_analog_signals.

If the input is a vector, SCADA will split the signal so that each vector element can be read separately.

Enabling Signal streaming property allows the acquisition and logging of the signal.


  • In (in)
    • Port to which the signal intended to be measured is connected.
      • Supported types: uint, int, real.
      • Vector support: yes


  • Override signal name
    • Check this checkbox to override the signal name. Instead of using the default signal names (for example, Subsystem1.Subsystem2.Probe1), the user can specify a custom signal name.
  • Signal streaming
    • Check this checkbox for allowing acquisition and logging of the signal at a medium sample rate. For more details on signal streaming, please refer to link: Signal streaming
  • Execution rate
    • Type in the desired signal processing execution rate. This value must be compatible with other signal processing components of the same circuit: the value must be a multiple of the fastest execution rate in the circuit. There can be up to four different execution rates, but they must all be multiple of the basic simulation timestep. To specify the execution rate, you can use either decimal (e.g. 0.001) or exponential values (e.g. 1e-3) in seconds. Alternatively, you can type in ‘inherit’ in which case the component will be assigned execution rate based on the execution rate of the components it is receiving input from.