Grid Fault

Description of the Grid Fault component in Schematic Editor.

The Grid Fault component emulates a fault on a three phase grid using ideal switch. The fault type can be chosen by selecting one of the eleven fault types in a combo box in the Properties window of the component. A fault resistance can be defined; by default it is zero. Depending on the chosen fault type, the internal structure of the component is changed and an ideal switch is placed according to a chosen fault type. The internal structure of grid fault for C-N fault is shown in Figure 1. In Table 1 the Schematic Editor symbol and the Properties window of the grid simulator are shown.

Table 1. Grid Fault in the Schematic Editor core library
component component dialog window component parameters

Grid fault

  • Fault resistance (Ω)
  • Fault type
Figure 1. Schematic diagram of Grid Fault component

List of available digital feedbacks of the grid fault is shown in Internal digital measurements of the Grid Fault

Internal digital measurements of the Grid Fault

Analog output variable name Description
(name).single_ph_sw_fb Digital feedback of the internal switch.