This section describes the microgrid components library in Typhoon HIL's Schematic Editor.

The Microgrid library comprehends a set of ubiquitous components and devices of a regular AC and DC microgrid that are implemented in the HIL Toolbox in such a way that users can easily add them to their system without further ado. These components have their control loops implemented with signal processing blocks and can be fully parametrized through their mask.

The current version of Schematic Editor offers a selection of the following microgrid components:

Diesel genset

Feeder protection relay (example)

PV plant

NPC PV Inverter

Wind power plant

Battery inverter

Constant impedance load

VBR Variable Load

Three-Phase Meter

Meter Split

ANSI protective functions

Back to back converter

Simple battery inverter

PV inverter


PV Power Plant (Generic)

Battery ESS (Generic)

Wind Power Plant (Generic)

Diesel Genset (Generic)

Variable Load (Generic)

SEL-751 Relay Logic

Single-phase Variable Load

Three-phase Variable Load