TyphoonTest IDE Test Run

This section describes Test Run panel of TyphoonTest IDE

The Test Run is the panel where all the collected tests are shown.

The list of collected tests are divided in two main categories: Selected and Deselected tests. Tests are deselected typically using the "-k" (select based on test name) and "-m" (select based on specific marks/tags) pytest command line options. Those can be added in the "additional options" field in the TyphoonTest IDE toolbar.

Note: Check out pytest documentation to learn more about additional options, test discovery and more.

The Test Run panel also display, in real time, the status of the test run, with the results for tests that were already run and identifying the test currently running at the moment, as well as the other collected tests to be run in the test session.

Figure 1. Test Run Panel
Note: Single clicking a specific test in the list shows the test logs and outcome. To check again the console output for the whole test session, click in the root item "Test Run".
Note: Double clicking a specific test in the list opens the test function definition in the editor.