TyphoonTest IDE Special value Picker

This section describes the special value picker available in the TyphoonTest IDE

The special value picker dialog is an utility that makes it easier to inspect needed signal information for automated tests and provides an interface to select files/diretories and other useful data.

Note: The special value picker can be accessed through TyphoonTest IDE API Wizard or directly at the editor by right-clicking and selecting the "pick special value" option.
The Special value Picker has the following main features:
  1. Model selection: The user can select a compiled .cpd file (or a .tse file to be compiled) in order to have the model inspected for signal names and available sources and other components.
  2. Model Controls: Shows the available components in the selected model.
  3. Main picker window: Allows the user to select a given signal/scada input/machine/model info or to choose the file/directory.
  4. File controls: Provides a interface for users to select a directory or file and add its path to the test code.
Figure 1. Special value picker