Setting up an Ethernet connection

This section describes the procedure for setting up an Ethernet connection with the HIL device.

Setting up an Ethernet connection with the HIL device (network configuration)

As a first step, check your Network and Firewall Settings. Table 1 shows which ports are used for Ethernet communication with Typhoon HIL Control Center. These may not be used by communication protocols that use TCP/IP or UDP. Please make sure these ports are open in your Firewall Software.
Table 1. Ethernet connection ports
Port number Type
40100 TCP
40101 TCP
40102 TCP
40103 TCP
40200 UDP
40201 TCP

Once your settings are confirmed, an Ethernet connection with the HIL can be configured. If you HIL has more than one Ethernet port, connect to Ethernet port number 1. You can then initiate a connection in one of three ways:

  1. Dynamically assigned IP address (DHCP)

    By default, HIL devices are configured to try to acquire an IP address from the DHCP server (e.g. router). If DHCP communication fails, the HIL sets its default IP address to

  2. Static IP address

    Static IP addresses can be configured in the HIL.ini file, which can be accessed through the Firmware Manager in Typhoon HIL Control Center. Open Firmware Manager, select the desired HIL device, and click Actions -> Change Device INI File. After updating the settings and rebooting the HIL, the static IP address will be configured.

  3. Direct one to one connection

    The HIL device can establish a direct connection to the PC without additional network devices. The connection can be established by configuring the static IP address on the PC to be in the same subnet as the HIL device. For example, if the IP address of the HIL device is set to its default value of, to establish a connection you should configure the PC IP address to 192.168.42.X, where X can be in range 1-254, and X is different than the HIL IP address (in this case, 200).

Note: HIL402 devices have a single Ethernet connection. For these devices, real-time communication protocols (Ethernet Variable Exchange and IEC 61850 Sampled Values protocol) cannot be used when connecting to the HIL device over Ethernet.