Quick Start: Abstract

Instructions in this section should help you quickly install all necessary software tools and setup hardware components in order to run the "Induction Machine Open-loop Control" example model.

Note: For detailed guidance on how to make your own real-time simulations in the Typhoon HIL toolchain, we strongly recommend taking the HIL Specialist courses available in HIL Academy.
Table 1. Typhoon HIL Quick Start Table of Contents
Chapter Description of Content
Quick Start: System Requirements Guidelines for the hardware and/or software environment necessary to run Typhoon HIL Control Center, for both PC and Test Server/Virtual Machine-based setups.
Quick Start: Software Download How to download Typhoon HIL Software tools.
Quick Start: User Registration Description of how to setup your HIL subscription account using an activation key.
Quick Start: Software Installation and Configuration How to install and configure the Typhoon HIL Control Center application.
Quick Start: HIL Driver Installation How to install the necessary drivers to access your HIL device.
Quick Start: Licensing How to import and change your software licenses.
Quick Start: Firmware Update How to update the firmware on your HIL device.
Quick Start: Running Your First Simulation How to run an example model with a working software/hardware setup.