Quick Start: Licensing

How to import and change your software licenses.

License files can be imported using the License panel in Typhoon HIL Control Center (Figure 1).

Figure 1. License panel in Typhoon HIL Control Center

Import License

  1. Start Typhoon HIL Control Center
  2. Click the Download license button
  3. Enter your activation key
  4. The license should be automatically downloaded and imported, in which case you can now proceed to step 8
  5. Alternatively, you can download your license filed directly from your Subscription Portal account page
  6. Click License -> Import license
  7. Navigate to, select, and import the license file
  8. If the license file is successfully imported, the message shown in Figure 2 will popup
    Figure 2. Successfully imported license file message
  9. Restart Typhoon HIL Control Center to apply the new license file
  10. If the license file is correctly imported, the license button will appear green, as shown in Figure 3
    Figure 3. Successfully imported license

Once imported, the license will be saved in the license folder (typically C:\Users\[name_of_user]\AppData\Roaming\typhoon\license).

Note: If the procedure fails, this is most likely due to missing or incorrect proxy settings. Please double check them.
Note: License file content changes may result in an inability to compile Schematic Editor models and/or an inability to run certain compiled models on HIL devices.

Change License

This button allows you to manage/switch between multiple licenses. This is useful when a Virtual HIL user becomes a user of a HIL device, as well as for companies/users who have multiple sites.

  1. Start Typhoon HIL Control Center
  2. Click License -> Change license
  3. Enter your activation key
  4. The new license will be automatically applied
Figure 4. Change license window

Global license on a shared desktop

It is possible to define a global license which will be shared among all users on a given PC. To do this, create the following folder structure on your operating system drive root: .typhoon_hil\license\ (example: C:\.typhoon_hil\license) and place the license file into that license folder. This global license will always take priority over the license in the user folder. To stop using the global license, just delete the folder structure of the global license.