Quick Start: HIL Driver Installation

How to install the necessary drivers to access your HIL device.

Note: This section is necessary only if you are setting up a supported HIL device. If you are only intending to use a Virtual HIL license, please continue to the Quick Start: Licensing section.

Once you have successfully installed the Typhoon HIL Control Center software, you can connect your HIL device to your testbed setup by using the USB cable you received in your Typhoon HIL package, and turn your HIL on. It is recommended to use a USB 3.0 port if available. USB drivers are automatically installed with Typhoon HIL Control Center software..

Note: If you wish to connect to your HIL via Ethernet instead of USB, please refer to the Setting up an Ethernet Connection guide instead.

Once your drivers are successfully installed, start Typhoon HIL Control Center and check if your HIL device is detected by opening the Device Manager tool in the top left corner of the application. If detection is successful, you should be able to see your HIL device in the "Detected on network" section. If you instead get the message shown below, you must install the drivers manually. The procedure for manual driver installation is available in the Manual HIL USB Driver Reinstallation section of the USB connection to HIL Lost / Unable to detect HIL FAQ Guide.

Figure 1. HIL device not detected