Rapid microgrid pre-commissioning and system integration. Microgrid controller RCP and testing.

Create a fully working microgrid control prototype and assess its behavior even at the earliest steps of its lifecycle. Connect your prototypes with drag & drop energy storage systems, PV plants, diesel gensets, etc. The Typhoon HIL toolchain offers industry-standard interfaces and supports all major communication protocols (e.g. ModBus, IEC 61850, IEC 61400). Optimize your microgrid control software algorithms for integration with existing substation communication protocols and existing DERs to see how the newly added infrastructure will communicate with external resources.

Table 1. Microgrid Application Notes
Name Description of Content
Plug-and-play microgrid library and testing of microgrid controller Demonstration of the performance of both switching and average microgrid controller components in the Microgrid Library
Generic PV plant Description and demonstration of the capabilities of the Generic PV Plant component
Generic battery Description and demonstration of the capabilities of the Generic Battery component
Microgrid powered by a wind farm Microgrid operation of a mini wind farm, battery unit, large consumer area, and power system connection in both island and reconnection modes
Series Compensator example Demonstration of a Series Compensator response to a fault, including MOV and bypass switch functionality.
Switching and average models of grid-connected battery inverter Performance comparison of the switching and average models of grid-connected battery inverters available in Schematic Editor