Communication Protocols

Interoperability. Cybersecurity. Modbus, Sunspec, IEC61850, IEEE C37.118, DNP3, CAN, OPC UA, and more.

Typhoon HIL Communication protocol support is fully customer-driven and continually updated. Currently supported protocols can be found on our Communication protocol documentation page.

This section contains examples that put these components into meaningful power system and power electronics applications, demonstrating the implementation of smart grid, remotely controlled DERs, cybersecurity, and interoperability testing solutions.

Table 1. Communication Protocols Application Notes
Name Description of Content
PV inverter with IEC 61850 MMS Demonstration of remote control of a PV inverter by IEC 61850 MMS
Multi-protocol gateway for DERMS Demonstration of a communications test environment for a DERMS gateway, by making use of: generic DER components, communication protocols, and their client/server implementations.
Modbus Device with HIL SCADA-based client Demonstration of remote control of a battery inverter by Modbus client
SFP with Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC) Demonstration of the capabilities of Aurora Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) simulation link to establish communication between a HIL device and a controller.