Grid-connected converters

Grid-connected converter applications featuring various grid support functionalities.

This section contains application notes for grid-connected converters. Evaluate various topologies for interfacing different energy sources to the grid (solar PV, wind, storage, etc). Controller models have grid support features including basic grid following/forming, industry-standard ride-through and ramp, and even more advanced features like virtual inertia for grid frequency support.

Table 1. Grid Connected Converters Application Notes
Name Description of Content
Grid-connected inverter with virtual synchronous machine Control demonstration of grid-connected converters to help maintain grid stability
Wind Turbine with Doubly-fed Induction Generator Demonstration of the functionality and normal operation of a Type-3 wind turbine, using a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) with the rotor connected to the stator via a back-to-back frequency converter.
Multifunctional grid connected converter Demonstration of a simple converter leg with advanced non-linear load compensation. Seven different operation modes are supported.
Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC) in High-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission Demonstration on the use of an MMC in one of its main applications: High-voltage DC electric power transmission.