How-to Guides

Guides, tips, and tricks on various aspects of Typhoon HIL toolchain usage.

Looking for information that's too important for only one user to know? Too big to end up in the Knowledgebase? Too specific for our documentation? You can find it here as a How-to Guide. If you have an interesting topic to cover that is not addressed in our documentation or knowledgebase, please let us know, we will be delighted to share it here and make you famous.

Table 1. How-to Guides
Name Description of Content
How to couple electrical and thermal models How to guide for coupling electrical and thermal models in Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor.
How to import DLL file for C function Walkthrough on how to import and include Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files into your model using the C function component.
Software-in-the-loop approach in rapid control prototyping Demonstration of two RCP implementations of a PI Controller using Schematic Editor libraries and C code import from Simulink
How-to use the Frequency response widget Demonstration on how to use the Frequency Response widget in HIL SCADA
Using Bode plots in Schematic Editor to troubleshoot converter design issues Demonstration on how to use Python-specific libraries (such as scipy) to resolve issues with designing power converter controls.
Microgrid Toolbox DER components guide Comprehensive guide on Microgrid Toolbox DER component types and when to use them.
How to scale simulated signals for a C-HIL interface This how to guide explains scaling, which is a crucial step in interfacing a HIL device with an external device under test (DUT), such as a controller, relay, PLC, etc.