Battery management systems

Battery management system (BMS) examples

Validate battery management systems to optimize battery control and reduce the need for full-power tests. This section highlights some examples of BMS controller testing applications possible with our toolchain. Here we focus on examples featuring control at the module or stack level; tests focusing on system level control can be found in their corresponding application area (Automotive, Microgrids, etc).

Table 1. BMS Application Notes
Name Description of Content
Battery Management System This application note presents an implementation of a Battery Management System (BMS) in the Typhoon HIL environment. In the model described in this application note, the BMS logic is implemented within the simulation using signal processing components such as the C function component.
BMS with FoxBMS inspired architecture Detailed overview of the implementation of a battery management system (BMS) with an overall architecture inspired by the foxBMS® Open-Source Platform.
C-HIL example-Orion Jr 2 Battery Management This application note presents how an off-the-shelf Battery Management System (BMS) can be tested in the Typhoon HIL environment. In the model described here, battery management is implemented using the Orion Jr 2 BMS.