Overview of the purpose of the Universal HIL Connect.

The Universal HIL Connect is a rack-mount signal conditioning device, designed to convert HIL voltage levels (e.g. +/-10V HIL analog outputs) to levels commonly used in the power electronics, or power systems industry (e.g. 130V RMS). It is designed to be used with any HIL device, and has a capacity to condition one row of HIL I/O (up to: 32 x AO, 16 x AI, 32 x DO, 32 x DI).

The Universal HIL Connect enables seamless integration with a wide variety of devices, most commonly:
  • Protective relays
  • Diesel Genset controllers
  • Power electronic controllers
  • Industrial automation equipment

The front of the device features connectors to interface with a single row of HIL I/O, while the rear panel provides connection points for external equipment.

The Universal HIL Connect is powered via mains, and it is compatible with all mains voltages around the world.

Warning: Connectors X21, X22, X23, and X24 can output voltages of up to ~200V AC. Do not touch exposed pins, or short with metal objects.
Figure 1. Universal HIL Connect isometric view