Overview of the purpose and connectivity of the HIL DSP 180 Interface

The HIL DSP 180 Interface is an interface board, designed to enable a seamless interface between 180-pin Texas Instruments Control Card platforms and any of the HIL4 and HIL6 series devices.

  • All HIL and DSP signals available through measurement terminals
  • One HSEC 180 pin socket for one of the supported Texas Instruments Control Cards
  • Power supply selector switch (HIL or external) with LED indication
  • RJ45 CAN bus connector (3.3V)
  • JTAG connector for external emulator (voltage level 3.3V)
  • 24 HIL Digital Inputs (including 16 DSP PWM signals
  • 16 HIL Digital Outputs (including DSP 3 encoder signals)
  • 24 HIL Analog Outputs (clamped to 3.3V on the Control Card)

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