Detailed description

Detailed description of the HIL Breakout Board.

HIL Breakout Board is a passive board, designed to break out signals typically found on a single row, on any HIL device. HIL signals, such as HIL analog outputs, are accessible via the spring-cage terminal block array. This array consists of multiple push-in, spring-cage type connectors. These connectors accept wires with or without ferrules, with up to a 1.5mm2 cross section.

All signals are routed from the front (female) DIN41612 connectors, to the rear (male) DIN41612 connectors, without changing the pinout. Thus, the HIL Breakout Board can act as a pass-through extension board, which enables daisy-chaining of multiple HIL Accessories.

HIL devices typically feature a multi-rail PSU section, labeled as User PSU. The HIL Breakout Board features 6 LEDs, which indicate the correct operation of all channels of the User PSU section.