Digital IO type selection

Overview of the selection and operation of Digital IO switches

While digital outputs and digital inputs are separate pins on all HIL devices, some dSPACE devices (such as the MicroLabBox) have “universal” digital channels with a software-programmable type.

To prevent collision between the HIL I/O and the dSPACE IO, SPDT selector switches were added to the HIL dS Interface Type-B board, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. I/O type selector switch and LED

Each IO signal from the dSPACE device (excluding PWM signals) is routed to the switch section. The signal is routed either to HIL DI or HIL DO pins via SPDT switch channels.

To indicate status, the board features 32 white LEDs, connected to the dS IO line. The LEDs are ON when the dS IO line is high. This can occur if:

  1. dSPACE is driving the line, when IO is set to DO
  2. HIL DO is driving the line, when IO is set to DI

Switches are configured to connect the dSPACE IO to the HIL DI out of the factory.

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